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  1. Welcome to My . . . Dance Studio
    Professional ballerina Alison Stroming embraces what makes her unique, and hopes to inspire others through her dancing. The post Welcome to My . . . Dance Studio appeared first on Under Armour.
  2. On Gym Etiquette
    In most cases…it’s common sense. Let’s break down some dos and don’ts at the gym. The post On Gym Etiquette appeared first on Under Armour.
  3. On Trainers
    Personal trainers exist to help you overcome challenges to finally reach your health and fitness goals. But how do you find the perfect one just for you? The post On Trainers appeared first on Under A …
  4. Banana Berry “Nice” Cream
    This dessert is less than 90 calories per serving and packed with fruity goodness, so there’s no wonder it’s called “nice” cream. The post Banana Berry “Nice” Cream appeared first on Under Armour. …
  5. How Jeanely Used Small Steps to Make Big Changes and Lose 133 Pounds
    After receiving scary news from her doctor, 287-pound Jeanely had to consider the potential of her son living without his mom. That’s when she changed everything. The post How Jeanely Used Small Steps …

Born Fitness

  1. How Anyone Can Master the Pull-up
    Can’t do a pull-up? We’re here to fix that—and help you get better abs in the process. Here’s how to work up to a pull-up, with a training plan that will actually fit into your real life. The post How …
  2. Breakfast for Champions: The Best Steel Cut Oats Recipe Imaginable
    Win the day, every day. This healthy steel cut oats recipe provides the fiber, protein, and healthy fats needed to fuel body and mind from sunup to sundown. It's the best way to start the day if …
  3. What is a “High-Quality” Protein?
    Some protein sources are better than others, according to science. Here’s how to tell whether a protein is—or isn’t—high quality. The post What is a “High-Quality” Protein? appeared first on Born Fitn …
  4. What is Collagen Good For, Really?
    Collagen comes with a big price tag and even bigger health claims. But are they justified? Here’s what the experts and science have to say about this increasingly popular supplement. The post What is …
  5. Do You Need to Take Probiotics? (Science Says it Might Be a Waste)
    Probiotics and their healthy bacteria can be good for you, but — despite what marketers would you have believe — eating foods fortified with probiotics might be a big mistake. The post Do You Need t …

Science Daily

  1. Quality of diet still poor for SNAP participants
    A new study finds persistent nutritional disparities within the food choices of those receiving assistance under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) compared to those not receiving SN …
  2. Researchers find combination can enhance ipilimumab immunotherapy
    Using a targeted therapy to block a protein that suppresses T cell activity could improve cancer treatment with immune checkpoint inhibitors, researchers report.
  3. Genetic engineering researcher: Politicians are deaf to people's ethical concerns
    A new study reports that political discussions about genetically modified foods have ignored concerns among Danes that GM foods are 'unnatural'.
  4. Individual access to genomic disease risk factors has a beneficial impact on lifestyles
    A large study shows that giving personal genomic information to individuals can have a long-term beneficial effect on their lifestyles.
  5. Greater levels of vitamin D associated with decreasing risk of breast cancer
    Researchers suggest higher levels of vitamin D are associated with decreasing risk of breast cancer.